The relentless pursuit of being the best: Andrew Connole

Mark Bouris asks Andrew Connole from Sonoma how he managed to be successful

16 May 2018

One of the common traits of successful business owners is their drive and motivation, pushing them to success.

Mark Bouris sat down with Andrew Connole from Sonoma to talk about what motivates him to be in the best restaurants in the country and selling an amazing loaf of bread.

“I don’t classify myself as a baker,” Andrew said.

“I’m a guy who started a baking business with my brother and father and was relentless in the pursuit to create the best possible loaf of bread from my small experience in 1998.”

“What started the whole business is not about me - it’s about the brand reflecting my philosophy and that’s always about excellence of product and excellence of service.”

Key takeaways:
-Never forget your roots and how your business started
-Every single day keep your focus being on excellence of product and excellence of service