Building a Business requires Discipline and Consistency

Andrew Connole from Sonoma talks about creating incredible bread

14 May 2018

Andrew Connole from Sonoma knows a thing or two about discipline.

For two years after restoring a bakery in the country town of Bellata, he and his brother would drive 1000kms round trip from Terrigal, where they would bake 300 loaves of sourdough to sell in the markets.

After relocating their bakery to Sydney the business flourished and demand soared - off the back of discipline and consistency.

Key takeaways:
-Consistency and discipline go hand in hand and are crucial to creating the same product again and again
-The most important part is making sure that everyone in the business knows about the quality of the product and service
-Consistency and discipline is also important in business processes, like ordering, invoicing, creativity.