When Family Meets Business: McGuigan Wines

Lisa McGuigan talks about how to strike a balance when working in a large, publicly listed company that’s also a family business.

08 May 2018

Running a family business is the way that many large organisations start - and McGuigan Wines is no different.

Founded by Brian in 1992 after a long family history in the Hunter Valley, the company grew to see record international success.

For Brian’s daughter Lisa McGuigan, who worked in the business for many years, it was very important to make the distinction between family business and keeping things professional.

Would you behave a certain way if you were working somewhere else? That’s the key barometer.

Key points:
-You have to learn to not take things personally, you’re there to do a job.
-Don’t make things personal if you’re a manager
-You’re not paid to argue, so shut up and do your job.