Why technology systems are so important

Jack Singleton talks about using technology and logistics systems to your business’ advantage.

01 May 2018

For a company making thousands of deliveries each day, Roses Only knows a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Chairman Jack Singleton says while their core business is making a beautiful floral product and packaging, equally important is the technology and logistics behind their business.

He says it’s very time and day critical - if a flower delivery misses the time it needs to arrive, it might as well have never been sent.

With the availability of technology and tracking systems in all of their delivery partners, Jack says it helps keep their customers happy, and streamline their systems.

-Systems help improve the Holy trinity: faster, better, cheaper for the business and the customer
-Communicating with customers about delivery eases the strain on inbound calls
-Remember that systems are just as important as the core element of your business