Mark Bouris and Jack Singleton talk Data and Customer Satisfaction

Mark and Jack look at the way Roses Only deals with data, and how it keeps its customers satisfied and coming back

30 April 2018

As Chairman of Roses Only, Jack Singleton knows a fair amount about keeping customers happy.

But the science behind that satisfaction is crucial to their business remaining successful and profitable.

The first piece of the puzzle is data. Jack says Roses Only treats itself as not just a flower business, but a marketing and technology business, using data to run their marketing.

“When so much of your advertising spend is online where so many data points are available to you, it’s crucial to get that right because a few percentage points incorrectly can wipe out your entire profits,” Jack said.

The other side to the story is measuring customer satisfaction.

“If we don’t have happy customers, it’s a very short minded approach,” he said.

At its simplest, Roses Only asks both the customers and recipients whether they’d be likely to recommend the service and then look at the responses to work out its future approach.