Are you stuck in the trap?

Mark Bouris talks about the common trap for small business owners - spending too much time working in the business, and not working on the business.

27 April 2018

There’s an easy trap to fall into when you start a business, or even when you’ve been running a business for awhile.

That’s spending too much time working in the business and not enough time working on the business.

For example, if you’re doing all of the below in your business, it’s bound to be taking a toll:
-Sourcing and production of the product/service
-Engaging with customers
-Organising the fulfilment piece (deliveries, orders, packaging)
-Managing your books and accounting

You’ll know if you’re in the trap - but there is a way out.

You need to recognise what you are best at and focus on that, and then get help working on the parts of your business.

If you’re best at sales, focus on leading the sales processes. If you’re best at the business management, focus on that.