Tobi Pearce: Add value with your content and marketing

Hear from the CEO of Sweat on how their brand chose a different route to marketing in the fitness industry.

08 March 2019

When you think of a fitness business, it’s easy to imagine the types of marketing messages you’re going to see - largely around getting fit and losing weight quickly.

But Tobi Pearce was conscious to avoid doing that, when he and partner Kayla Itsines started their fitness platform, Sweat.

Tobi joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to discuss their marketing approach.

“Our approach to content was, and still is, very different to a lot that you see in the fitness industry,” Tobi said.

“We wanted to avoid the vanity and aesthetic and really try and improve people’s lives with tips and tricks and philosophies that people can use, as opposed to getting six-pack abs in 10 days, which probably isn’t going to happen.”

When asked to explain further, Pearce commented on how the typical fitness marketing message comes across.

“So our branding would be less likely to advertise join a program to get abs in ten days, ours would be more like here are a series of articles that can help you with your overall health,” Tobi said.

“We really went down the value-added path. Inevitably, people might aspire to look a certain way but what they want to do is understand how to improve their health.”

“The image and aesthetic is how people measure their progress but it’s not what keeps people motivated in the long run.”