Tobi Pearce: You need to learn business, not just your craft

The Sweat CEO talks about the difference between being good at business and good at the work

08 March 2019

Many businesses are started because the owner loves to do the actually work.

Chefs start restaurants, designers start clothing labels, photographers love taking pictures.

But, as Tobi Pearce discovered when launching his personal training business, when the brand starts to grow there are many other challenges.

The CEO of successful global fitness platform, Sweat, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about being good at business, not just what the business does.

“In the fitness industry you see this a lot - personal trainers who are elite trainers and they absolutely kill it at their job, as soon as they step out to their own gym or studio, they realise they’re not a good studio owner or gym business owner,” Tobi said.

“They’re two different things: being really elite at running workouts and training clients to get results is different to running a business, managing staff, managing and organisation, scaling franchises, they’re two very different roles.”

“It doesn’t mean that a good personal trainer can’t do that, I have many friends who have done that and been very successful, but they’re two very different things.”