Josh Frydenberg: Hiking taxes and spending more doesn’t work

Hear the Federal Treasurer talk about the philosophical differences between Labor and Liberal around taxation

01 March 2019

The Federal Treasurer, Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about small business and the Australian economy.

One of the questions put to him from Mark Bouris, was about the philosophical differences between the Liberal and Labor parties in Australia.

“It’s part of [the Labor party] DNA to hike taxes, and therefore to try and spend more,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“That level of economic strategy doesn’t work, because ultimately it means less jobs and less growth because it stifles investment and opportunity and puts a handbrake on aspiration as well.”

“At the same time, the higher spending will run greater budget deficits,” he said.

“And that will lead to inter-generational theft as it will lead to greater debt.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Josh Frydenberg on The Mentor podcast here.