Josh Frydenberg: I wanted to be a tennis player

Hear from the federal Treasurer about his dreams of being an athlete

01 March 2019

Like many Australians, Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP had dreams of being a professional athlete, specifically a tennis player.

Joining The Mentor with Mark Bouris, the federal Treasurer talks about how his dreams turned into something else, and led him where he is today.

“Like most kids today, they dream of becoming professional sportspeople, but my ambitions were far greater than my talents,” Mr Frydenberg laughed.

“I wanted to leave school in year 10 and my parents weren’t having that, so we made a deal that if I finished year 12, I would be able to pursue my dream of becoming a tennis player.”

So the wheels were put in motion for both a tennis career, and a ‘backup’ option in law, which ended up being the path taken.

“So I put my head down and studied hard, and I had the saying plastered on my door ‘the pain of discipline is far easier than the pain of regret’,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“And so I got through year 12, and got a spot in university and then took a year off and travelled the world, trying to make my way on the tennis circuit.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Josh Frydenberg on The Mentor podcast here.