Pamela Jabbour: Stick to your gut and be able to back it up

Hear why the corporate uniforms manufacturer went against advice and pitched blue uniforms to Big W.

22 February 2019

When Big W approached Total Image Group, asking to pitch for 30,000 uniforms, Pamela Jabbour needed to take ten deep breaths.

After gathering her composure, the CEO used all her knowledge and expertise to take their advice, and throw it out of the window.

“Their brand colour is blue and they said we’re currently wearing blue, we don’t want a blue uniform and this is our design brief - so don’t pitch blue,” Pamela said.

“They had 30,000 employees and I had two months to put the proposal together.”

“I really went above and beyond - we did a huge amount of research, we did surveys, store visits and I ended up presenting them a full-on case study on their business.”

Why did Pamela back herself to go against the design brief? It all comes down to brand identity.

“I’m really big on your uniform needing to represent your brand,” Pamela said.

“And they are a blue brand, their colour is blue and I couldn’t imagine putting them in any other colour.”

“But I said it has to be the right colour blue - I said I may be silly but I pitched four options and they were all blue!”

As with any industry, there are rules and suggestions - but Pamela stuck with her gut and backed it up.

“I think it’s the tone and how you tie it all together - I was really confident and backed it with facts about why,” Pamela said.

“I had to sell them that blue was their brand and they’d be crazy to move away from it, and I was really passionate about it. And we got the job!”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Pamela Jabbour on The Mentor podcast here.