Alison Egan: I Always Had Respect For Commitments

The Sparkling White Smile founder talks about sacrifice, hard work and family

15 February 2019

Every entrepreneur makes sacrifices. How much time to spend socialising with friends? How much time to send dedicating to the business?

Speaking on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, Alison tells her story about her focus and determination to build Sparkling White Smile from the ground up.

“I’m the only entrepreneur in my family and they’ve just supported me in doing the right things,” Alison said.

“They said if you’re going to do it, do it 100% or don’t do it at all - and that’s alway been my personality from being on the footy field or where I am today, I work 18 hours or I don’t work at all.”

Alison says she always knew to honour her work commitments to grow the business, even if it meant sacrificing other social events.

“I was 19 and all my friends were out clubbing but I was home at 11pm,” Alison said.

“I would still make it, I made sure I wouldn’t miss family and friend events but I always had commitments.”

“I was always wanting to do my own thing and do what’s best for me; I always had the respect for people and I’d do the right thing.”

“I never missed anything but I knew that tomorrow if I have to work I make sure I am going to make it.”