The elements in building and growing a business

Mark Bouris and Walter Davey discuss the key elements to success in business.

08 February 2019

Walter Davey, co-founder of iconic Australian hydraulics brand Pirtek, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to discuss the elements of growing a business.

“The elements for me are: know where the rising tide is, know what the solutions are within that rising tide, know how to identify and close an opportunity,” Mark said.

“For example, when Kerry [Packer] approached me I saw the opportunity and I closed on it very quickly.”

“You’ve got to be able to close on it, you can’t stuff around.”

The final step is execution.

“You’ve got to be able to execute on it, because when you get someone like that in your camp, there’s no room to stuff it up,” Mark said.

“And that comes down to hard work and passion and drive and belief in what you’re doing and all those sorts of things.”