Technology is an enabler: Mark Bouris

Mark gives his thoughts on technology and fulfilment with Walter Davey on The Mentor.

08 February 2019

Mark Bouris was joined by Walter Davey, co-founder of hydraulics business Pirtek, to talk about technology and business on The Mentor with Mark Bouris.

“What technology has done with ecommerce, and buying things on the internet is create delivery guys - fulfilment!” Mark said.

“Every time I buy something I want it delivered to my home so I don’t ave to go to wherever to pick the thing up.”

“But guess what, the internet doesn’t deliver anything, you have to have a delivery person.”

“I had a brand new iPhone delivered to the house from the Australia Post delivery guy on his motorbike, but it was a StarTrack courier product,” Davey added.

“That’s an Australian Post owned product that they now run packages and it’s quite a shift away from delivering the letters to the mailbox.”

The way the fulfilment process has changed, is a huge example of technology driving innovation.

“It’s created a new job and a new industry, which technology has enabled. We’ve got to stop being terrified about what technology is going to do,” Mark said.

“And there’s a great example: courier businesses are now big businesses.”