Big business needs small business: Scott Morrison

Hear from the Prime Minister on The Mentor with Mark Bouris

01 February 2019

Mark Bouris put the following statement to the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP:

It’s not about small business and big business - they need each other.

Joining The Mentor with Mark Bouris, the PM gave his thoughts on the topic.

“I’ll give you this example: Qantas. I think there are 13,000 small business in their supply chain,” Mr Morrison said.

“If Qantas doesn’t do well, they don’t do well.”

“Business is a win-win proposition, you enter into a deal and exchange and both sides are supposed to do well out of that exchange.”

“And that’s the positive relationship between small and large businesses.:

Asked to respond to discussions about taxation for big business, Mr Morrison said that there’s a delicate balance to keeping multinational corporations and small business working for the good of the country.

“We’re all one economy and everybody’s in it and we all contribute to it,” Mr Morrison said.

“We’re all one family - but everyone has to behave themselves.”

“So where I’m much stronger is on multinationals paying their fair share of tax.”

“This means that if a big business uses its market power to unfairly crush a small business, I give more power to the small businesses to make sure there’s a level playing field.”