Liberal vs Labor: What’s changed?

Hear from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, about why he thinks the differences between the two major political parties has grown

01 February 2019

Mark Bouris put this question to the Hon. Scott Morrison, MP, Australia’s Prime Minister: is the difference between Labor and Liberal that broad, or is it the individuals in there broader?

“You endeavour not to make politics about personality, but inevitably it does, because there’s a lot at stake and we’re all passionate about why we’re there and how we think the show should be run,” Mr Morrison said.

“But I think the differences between the parties are as great as they were back in the 50s, there’s been a big shift.”

“The days when Bob Hawke and Paul Keating were around, we didn’t agree with them either back then, but the differences were narrower.”

Appearing on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, the PM says that the upcoming election will likely be quite divisive.

“It’s about policy - there are real differences in the styles and personality of me and Bill Shorten, and people make their own judgements about those, but on policy the are huge differences,” Mr Morrison said.

“Labor is going to make huge changes to our economy.”