Australia is built by people who had a go: Scott Morrison

Hear why the Prime Minister thinks getting people into a job is so important for people’s lives.

01 February 2019

Being gainfully employed is one of the biggest areas of focus in everyone’s lives - and can be challenging along the way.

Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris and spoke about why getting people into jobs is so important to him.

“[Australia] is built by people who had go, and if you have a go, there’s always a risk of failure,” Mr Morrison said.

“And I think one of the things with the coverage of politics that needs to be improved, is that you have to try new things - some things will work and some policies will work.”

The PM continued, saying that the changes he has made to youth employment is something about which he’s particularly proud.

“We had all our knockers about this, but we’ve had the most successful year of youth employment growth Australia has ever had and youth unemployment has gone down in the most recent figures,” Mr Morrison said.

“Of all the things we’re achieving as a government and want to keep achieving, getting young people into jobs is number one, because you get a young person into a job and you change their life.”