Scott Morrison: “Without Small Business, We’re Stuffed”

Hear from Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison on The Mentor with Mark Bouris.

01 February 2019

Australia’s Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris and covered a range of issues surrounding small business and the economy.

Mark put to the PM a question about the why he chooses to help Australians through politics.

“My brother and I were taught that life isn’t about what you accumulate, it’s about what you contribute,” Mr Morrison said.

“And I don’t think that’s much different to when I talk to businesspeople, they don’t sit there telling about their profits.”

“They talk about the kid they employed, or the wedding they went to for their apprentice.”

“Or if they’re later in life and moving out of their business, about the people who are now running it.”

The reason businesses are crucial to our communities is simple - they make everything work.

“They’re creating things, they’re giving things, and that’s the thing I love about small and family businesses, they’re part of the community,” Mr Morrison said.

“They’re not these big, faceless corporates; they’re the heart and soul of suburban, regional and rural communities all around the country, and without them, we’re stuffed.”