Furniture is Fashion: Oz Design

Hear from the family running Oz Design Furniture about why furniture is critical to the modern home

25 January 2019

There is a reason that the furniture retail industry is more competitive than ever.

Joining The Mentor with Mark Bouris Scott Shedden from Oz Design puts it simply:

“Furniture is fashion, it’s just a different type of fashion,” Scott said.

“People are very house-proud, especially Australians; we love being outdoors but we loving having people over to entertain.”

With Oz Design being a successful player in the market since 1979, Scott says their focus has shifted to improving the quality of their products.

“20 years ago we were selling timber pine, a really basic lower end product, and over the last 15 years we’ve made a big conscious effort through our buyers and designers and stylists,” Scott said.

“And they’ve brought us up from a lower end furniture retailer to a middle to upper end.”

Listen to the full conversation between Scott and Dave Shedden and Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast here.