Avoiding conflict in family business: Oz Design

Dave and Scott Shedden join The Mentor with Mark Bouris

25 January 2019

For brothers Dave and Scott Shedden, of Australian furniture retailer OzDesign, key staffing appointments have been the key to avoiding intergenerational conflicts in the business.

The pair explain on The Mentor with Mark Bouris that their parents appointed a Managing Director, who took a principal role in the siblings’ business development.

“We have a Managing Director who is external to the family, but is a minor shareholder and a director,” Scott explains.

“He’s been our business mentor, for want of a better word. As we’ve gone through the business, we’ve mainly dealt with him in a work sense, in a business sense, and not mum and dad, so he’s kept us on the straight and narrow.”

Listen to the full conversation between Scott and Dave Shedden and Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast here.