Nothing is better than learning on the job: Oz Design

Dave and Scott Shedden from Oz Design explain how they learned their family trade as children.

25 January 2019

There is simply no comparison for the experience of learning on the job, according to brothers Dave and Scott Shedden of Australian furniture retailer OzDesign.

“Learning on the job is just so beneficial,” Dave tells The Mentor with Mark Bouris.

“I did two advanced diplomas [at a tertiary level], in business marketing and management, and I found that anything that I was doing for University was actually something that I’d learnt through Oz (OzDesign).”

“As Dave was saying the things you actually learn in the business while working, living the business is so much more relevant,” adds Scott.

“I found myself getting through university more on the things I’d learnt through working and the practical side of it than what I’d learned in a text book or case study.”

Listen to the full conversation between Scott and Dave Shedden and Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast here.