Test, evolve, refine and pivot: Searsmiths

Dave and Paren from barbecue company Searsmiths talk about their prototype development

21 December 2018

Developing products is a challenge for everyone - one that requires time, effort, industrial design, approval certifications and much more, just to get it on shelves.

Dave Thomassian and Paren Arzoomanian, the co-founders of Searsmiths barbecues, launched their idea in 2016 and committed to refining their ‘barbecue forge’.

They joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about getting their idea into a working model that is now available for purchase.

“When you make something like this, you go in and you have no idea,” Paren laughed.

“Then you find someone who has some sort of an idea, and you learn from them and then see if they can point you in the right direction and basically you can end up in the right place.”

Searsmiths developed 12 prototypes in the past two years because landing on their final design which went into production in 2018.

“Then you test it, evolve it, refine it, or in some cases pivot it in case you’ve stuffed up at the beginning,” Mark Bouris said.