Dealing with manufacturers: Searsmiths

The barbecue company joined The Mentor to talk about their manufacturing process

21 December 2018

When you design a new style of barbecue, the next challenge is finding someone to build it.

After Dave Thomassian and Paren Arzoomanian made their Searsmiths forge prototypes, they then filled their first order.

They joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about starting their business.

“Initially we were talking about one container that we were asking for - which was always our plan to start small,” Dave said.

“At first, based on early prototypes, one container was 150-200 units.”

“But now we’ve made the unit bigger and made some design changes, it’s closer to 100 units per container.”

Dealing with shipping and freight is another challenge - especially when manufacturing overseas.

“It was one of those things that we never knew what was right or not so we asked around, but we pay 30% deposit before they’ve even started,” Dave said.

“And as soon as they’ve finished and we’ve inspected the products, as soon as that happens, they need the payment.”