The great Australian dream: The Barbecue

Dave and Paren from Searsmiths join The Mentor to talk about their new style of barbecue.

21 December 2018

It’s a great Australian backyard dream: having the best barbecue skills.

Which is where the business Searsmiths comes in - they’ve developed a new style of barbecue, which they hope will change the game.

Joining The Mentor with Mark Bouris, they received some impressive feedback.

“I’m not joking - but it’s the best bit of steak I’ve ever tasted,” Mark said.

“There was a crust to it, and at the same time it was rare on the inside and beautifully cooked, and was really brilliant.”

Co-founder Dave Thomassian discusses the differences between a traditional gas barbecue and the Searsmiths Forge.

“The main difference is the temperature - on a standard gas barbecue you’ve got somewhere between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius, and you wait 10-15 minutes for it to heat up,” Dave said.

“Our forge gets up to 900 degrees Celsius, which is the main difference.”

“The second difference is our heat comes from on top.”

“If you have this heat on the bottom with a good piece of meat with some fat content, you’re going to have a fireball.”

“So the beauty is you can get those temperatures from above and get an unbelievable crust, without overcooking it.”

Another difference comes in the cooking style - with the overhead burners searing the meat without touching it.

“On traditional barbecues, the meat touches the grill plate and instantly cools it down, whereas ours has ceramic tiles on the burners and when you put the meat in, it doesn’t change temperature,” Dave said.

“So you have a constant temperature of your 900 degrees burners blaring down on your meat, and the result is amazing.”