What happened on QF32?

Captain Richard de Crespigny talks through how he navigated the famous QF32 disaster

14 December 2018

On The Mentor with Mark Bouris, Captain Richard de Crespigny joined the podcast to talk about his new book FLY! and how he has established the eight elements of resilience.

de Crespigny is most widely known for piloting the QF32 plane to safety after a mid-air explosion in 2010.

Here is his story:

“We were flying an Airbus A380, the latest passenger aircraft, which is a remarkable aircraft,” Richard said.

“On this day, four minutes after takeoff engine number two exploded, 500 pieces of shrapnel hit the plane, 21 out of 22 systems were affected, we had 15 holes in the fuel tanks.”

“We spent two hours in the air to work out what we had left to land with, and then when we were on the ground we had to manage new threats about how to get the passengers off without them being injured,” de Crespigny said.

“We walked all passengers down the stairs two hours later with no injuries, and then I spent another two hours with them in the terminal telling them what happened and what we needed them to do.”

Watch Richard tell the full story above.