The 8 Elements of Resilience

Captain Richard de Crespigny joins Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast to talk about resilience.

14 December 2018

Captain Richard de Crespigny knows a little about resilience. He’s most famously known for being the pilot who navigated the QF32 crisis, when a Qantas A380 experienced an explosion mid-air in 2010, an event so uncommon it exceeded all airline probability measures.

Since then, de Crespigny has written two books, QF32 and newly published FLY!, which details the eight elements of resilience that can be applied to your personal or corporate life.

They are: knowledge, training, experience, teamwork, leadership, crisis management, decision making and risk.

Richard joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about his research and how people in all fields can learn from these techniques.

“We’re not born with any of those qualities, and we all have to learn them,” de Crespigny said.

“And I’ve also added post-traumatic stress [to the list] because most people will suffer from it at some stage throughout their lives.”

“They need to understand that it’s a normal reaction stress and they can recover from it, and just like a business failure, there can be growth from trauma.”