Anyone can have a side hustle: Craig West

Hear from Mentored CEO Craig West and founder Mark Bouris about side hustles.

07 December 2018

Craig West, Mentored CEO and Guru, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris this week.

The conversation turned to having a side hustle - and how having ambition is a source of pride among many Australians.

“It’s ok to have a side hustle. It’s ok to have an ambition. When I was growing up, it was never ok,” Mark Bouris said.

“If you worked in an accounting or law firm, you were meant to be so knackered that when you went home you didn’t have time or energy to do anything else.”

“The new world has made us a lot of us feel guilty about working on the side,” he added.

“I’m a chairman of a publicly listed company and my shareholders get the shits with me when I work on other things like Mentored - they ask how could I possibly do it?”

“And I give them this answer: I give you 40 hours a week and then I work as many hours as I want on other things! And I’ll make a decision to work when I want to work, and I’ll choose what I do with every hour.”

Craig West agreed - saying that technology changes have allowed for side business ventures to flourish.

“Back them, I left the office at 5.30pm and there was no way for clients to get in touch with me until 9am the next morning,” Craig said.

“Now when it’s your lunch hour you can be working on anything you want.”