A problem shared is a problem halved: Craig West

Hear from the Mentored CEO about why business owners need to share their challenges

07 December 2018

Business can often be isolating, and the challenge is to remember that your problems are not unique to you - many other business owners have been in your situations before.

Speaking on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, Mentored CEO Craig West joined Mark to talk about why it’s important to share your challenges.

“The big game is getting small business owners to understand that it’s OK to ask for help,” Craig said.

“People think they’re the only ones struggling with their BAS payments, or making a letter of credit, or anything - but in actual fact, nobody knows! Everyone has got the same problem!”

“The objective of people using Mentored is for people to ask questions which allows others to see people similar to them, and then ask the mentor who gives the answers.”

Mark Bouris gave another personal example about how sharing the problems helped find a solution.

“My mother recently passed away, and my dad has questions about his super and his pension,” he said.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to connect him with someone at Yellow Brick Road - but only because I didn’t know the answer either!”

“There are only five people in my entire business who know what he needed - and he’s so relieved to have someone who can fix it and help him through it together.”