Craig West: Mentoring is about Practice, not Theory

Hear from the Mentored CEO about what makes good mentoring.

07 December 2018

What does good mentoring look like?

Craig West, Mentored CEO and Guru, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about the topic.

“There are lots of people everywhere who are looking for someone to help them and ask questions and guide them,” Craig said.

“Or even someone to watch and say that didn’t work very well, I can learn from that.”

Mark Bouris agreed:

“Business people are starting to be ok with asking for help - they used to be ok with asking for help in some areas but not all areas,” he said.

Craig says that mentoring is not about theory and education, but practical tips and advice.

“Neil Armstrong talks about NASA’s theories about how the spacecraft is going to work, but he said ‘get me into the simulator, I need to sit in it and use it and crash it so I learn how not to do that on the moon’,” Craig said.

“And that’s what Mentored is about: not about the theory, it’s about practical, usable resources, checklists, tools and templates that people can grab hold of and use in their business straightaway.”