Craig West: Ask for help Early and Often

Hear why the Mentored CEO suggests business owners ask for help immediately when they encounter problems.

07 December 2018

When you start a business based on your passion, there will often be situations arising that you think are straightforward to others - things around tax, forms and administration.

But things that you think are common knowledge really aren’t - there are many people specifically trained in those fields.

Speaking on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, Mentored CEO Craig West says that business owners should ask for help.

“The dangerous thing about the Aussie culture of having a go is what comes with it - ‘she’ll be right’,” Craig said.

“I’ll be right, I’ll fix it, I can do that - and you don’t know that.”

“There’s so many times that people have problems but don’t reach out for help.”

Craig says there are many common examples that business advisors see daily.

“Cashflow is a typical problem example - people think it’s a bit tight at the moment, three months later it’s really tight, and four months later they have to call an administrator because it’s too late and you can’t fix it,” Craig said.

“But if you talk to Prospa in week one, they can probably do something to help fix it, but if you do it too late they can’t help you.”