Where do you want to be when you’re 60?

Matt Purcell talks to Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast.

30 November 2018

Mark Bouris asked the direct question: Where do you want to land when you’re 60 years of age?

“I’d like to have set up the creative stuff automated and managed well, turning over income to give me the freedom to spend the time with my family,” Matt replied.

“They’re everything to me and to experience all the things that we want.”

But Mark wasn’t satisfied - he wanted to go deeper.

“That’s the smaller picture, give me the big picture too,” Mark said.

“I’d love to be a thought leader in overcoming challenges,” Matt said.

“When you think about role models and you think about people who lived between a certain period, Matt Purcell is one of the guys that you should listen to.”

“I want to be known as a thought leader and role model, from my age now to when I’m 60 to when I’m dead.”