The business of helping others: Matt Purcell

The entrepreneur talks about why he chose for his business ventures to focus on helping others

30 November 2018

Matt Purcell has built his various business ventures out of the desire to help others.

His creative arts and academic tuition school, The Green Room, is one example, as well as his youth work, public speaking opportunities and his life coaching business.

Why has he chosen to focus his business efforts on helping people?

“I think people need to hear my story, because you’ve got to be responsible,” Matt said.

“My purpose is to show people that no matter if you’re adopted, fostered, or treated like crap, you have a choice.”

“You’re not born a winner or loser, you are a chooser - and I want to model that kind of value.”

Matt says suffering is common and happens to everyone - but it’s your response to that suffering over which people have control.

“There are so many people suffering in the world, and I suffered for awhile, but I have to choose in the moment what do I do, who am I, and what is life about,” Matt said.

“What opportunities are presented in front of me, do I want to win, do I want to learn, do I want to quit, there are always these choices around me.”

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