I’m obsessed with quality: Chad Taylor from Fast Fuel Meals

Why creating the best product is always on this founder’s mind

23 November 2018

Fast Fuel Meals was established in 2016 in Newcastle, and has since expanded into a 3,500 square-metre kitchen in Sydney, delivering more than 12,000 meals per week.

The healthy meal delivery service was founded by Chad Taylor, who joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about why he’s so obsessed with quality.

“If you want to know what separates Fast Fuel from the rest, it’s the quality of the food and the taste of the food,” Taylor said.

“We’re absolutely obsessed with the quality of the product.”

“I’m not bringing pre-made meals to your doorstep, I’m bringing quality meals to your doorstep.”

Taylor insists the quality is the single most important element to his meal range - and something he refuses to compromise.

“My chefs are talented, award-winning chefs; we have water baths to make sure our protein is really tender, we cook everything perfectly so after you re-heat it everything is tender,” Taylor said.

“And I have tried all the competitors out there and they’re doing great things in marketing and logistics, but with the food quality, we’re worlds apart.”

“And I will never let that drop - if I want to be in this and I really do, that’s the one thing I will always focus on.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Chad Taylor on The Mentor podcast here.