The personal moment that defines Chad Taylor

Hear from the Fast Fuel founder about a health scare that prompted a new approach to business.

23 November 2018

Every business owner brings their personal experiences into their ventures - and that can bring both upsides and challenges.

Chad Taylor, founder of Fast Fuel Meals, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris, and spoke of a defining personal moment for him that completely changed his mindset.

“About seven years ago, I had a one-millimetre deep melanoma, and I waited a week for the results to come back and it was terrifying,” Taylor said.

“And I remember feeling invincible, but I was terrified that the first time something with my health had been at risk.”

“And when it came back and fortunately it hadn’t spread.”

Chad looks back at that moment as when he realised that he needed to take risks and pursue the things he was passionate about.

“You can run businesses and fail at them, or lose a job, and money comes and goes, but with your health sometimes you don’t get a second chance and it’s hard to rebuild from that,” he said.

“If your health is fine, nothing else matters, I can fix everything else and try things again.”

“And I think that’s partly why I have no fear about what I’m doing.”

Chad’s approach means he can now look at the pressures of running a business as something he has actively chosen to pursue, and not something to weigh him down.

“I have minimal to complain about - and if I have pressure, then that’s a personal choice,” Taylor said.

“I choose this life - I could choose to relax and enjoy myself but I choose this and I don’t complain.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Chad Taylor on The Mentor podcast here.