Overcoming fear: Chad Taylor from Fast Fuel

Chad Taylor joins Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast to discuss overcoming negative thoughts

23 November 2018

Chad Taylor joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about his business, Fast Fuel Meals and answered this question: Do you ever wake up at 2am overwhelmed by what you’ve got to face up to tomorrow?

“The negative is minimal compare to the positive thoughts that I have now, but with the Fast Fuel business, I’m taking a lot on,” Taylor said.

“And at times it is overwhelming and at times if I really stop and look at what I’m doing and break it up, I wonder what I’m doing.”

Chad’s openness talking about the challenges of running a business is designed to help others approach this with positivity.

“The initial thought is it’s tough - but I’m very focussed on the ultimate goal and I have a vision of where I want to get to and everyday I consistently look at that and what that means to me, and that helps me get through every day,” Taylor said.

“So if I lose sight of what’s important to me and where I’m trying to get, then everything would be hard and I probably would quit - but the important thing is to stay focussed on your main goal.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Chad Taylor on The Mentor podcast here.