Adam and Belinda Macdougall on being a married couple working together

Hear from the owners of Cranky Health on how they’re shaking up business

02 November 2018

Belinda and Adam Macdougall have been together for more than 20 years, but when they started their business together, they never knew what to expect.

They joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about their business, Cranky Health, which includes The Man Shake and The Lady Shake meal replacement products.

“Your wife has to be made of teflon so when you lose your temper you have to know it’s not personal,” Adam said.

“You have to really love the person to go into business together. Because even when things are going great, there’s a lot going on,” Belinda added.

“I say to Adam all the time, “would you speak to a CEO like that? “And he says no and I’m like, hello?”

The pair say that they had to create boundaries to be the most effective at work and at home.

“To be honest we do try to hire people that we know because we do swear a lot at each other and that there will be emotions,” Belinda said.

“The thing that we do well is we don’t project that onto our team - we have a great team, a loyal team and a passionate team, and we don’t yell or belittle our team. Just each other!”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Adam and Belinda Macdougall on The Mentor podcast here.