Adam Macdougall: Not everything translates from rugby league to business

Hear the co-owner of Cranky Health talk about why he’s not always great at managing staff.

02 November 2018

Cranky Health is Australia’s fastest-growing health business, with the success of products like The Man Shake and The Lady Shake, as well as fitness programs, The Man Challenge and The Lady Challenge.

With over 50 staff, co-owner Adam Macdougall explains why his wife Belinda is the best person to manage their team.

“Rugby league taught me a lot of valuable lessons, but it’s made me sometimes not as soft with people as I should be,” Adam laughed.

“In rugby league, the beauty of it is there’s no B-S; you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with someone and if they make a mistake or don’t deliver on what he says he’s going to deliver on, you’re pretty brutal.”

That brutality isn’t always an effective strategy when dealing with people in the workplace.

“Then you come into the real world and realise that tact is important,” Adam said.

“And I forget that the resilience isn’t built into your staff like it is on a football team and that it’s a totally different environment.”

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