Never Isolate Yourself: Drew Mitchell

Drew Mitchell joins Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast to talk about his most challenging moment as a professional athlete.

25 October 2018

Drew Mitchell is a success story. He’s played professional rugby union at the highest level for over a decade, and now runs the Australian arm of fitness marketplace business, ESquared Fitness.

But that’s not to say it’s all been easy.

Joining The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, Mitchell talked about the most difficult on-field experience of his professional career.

“Going into my first game at the Western Force, there was a lot of talk in the media and everyone was joking about the pressure on me to score tries,” Mitchell said.

“And it was all a joke, just banter between mates, but honestly it couldn’t have gone worse.”

“I would have dropped 10 balls clean, missed tackles, my confidence absolutely took a hit.”

There was one particular moment during that game where Mitchell realised he needed a new approach.

“It didn’t get as low at any point in my career except one time during that match when I was late getting into a huddle, and I heard Matt Giteau telling the team “don’t pass Drew the ball” and that shattered me.”

“And I could understand why because I was that bad, but I learned a lot about myself at that time.”

With hindsight, Mitchell says he’s learned more about how to respond after making mistakes.

“My instinct was to isolate myself; everyone else would score a try and there would be a huddle about what we were doing next and I was embarrassed that I had let them down that much,” Mitchell said.

“But that was where I learned that when things aren’t going so well, in anything where there’s a negative, it was important for me to get around my team and not to isolate myself.”

“And that was a tough lesson but a really big learn for me going forward in my career.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Drew Mitchell on The Mentor podcast here.