Drew Mitchell: We Need a Coach in Life

Hear from the former Wallabies player and businessman on The Mentor podcast.

25 October 2018

The mental game in business is crucial to success, as is having the right mindset and approach.

The same is in professional sports, where Drew Mitchell spent 15 years playing rugby union at the highest level.

Mitchell has since retired and launched the Australian arm of fitness business Esquared Fitness, but there’s one thing he can attribute his resilience and determination to.

“Right at the end of my career, when I decided to retire, is when I decided to engage a therapist, Mitchell said.

“And that would have been the one thing I would have changed, had I known the impact it had not only on my football but also on my balance and life itself.”

As an example, Mitchell referred to how working with a therapist helped him understand his reactions to certain circumstances.

“My emotional response to something you could take back to a time when I was really embarrassed in my childhood or in front of my peers and I automatically put up a wall. And it stopped me from seeing things as clearly as it was,” Mitchell said.

“Understanding that at the back of my career would have bene really beneficial; and that’s what I tell a lot of the guys who are engaged in footy.”

When it comes to coaches, professional athletes have some of the very best, but that doesn’t always translate into further life.

“We’ve had people in life to teach us to walk or crawl or talk, and we’ve had teachers or coaches throughout our whole life - but we don’t have a teacher in life itself,” Mitchell said.

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Drew Mitchell on The Mentor podcast here.