Testing and refining content: Flora and Fauna

Julie Mathers from Flora and Fauna joined Mark Bouris to discuss how they test and refine their online content.

22 October 2018

With a social media audience of more than 200,000 people, Julie Mathers is constantly looking to post the best and most engaging content for her business, Flora and Fauna,

As an online retailer for eco-friendly products, Julie and her team are always testing what leads to the best conversions.

“You can change things really quickly, and you can test things,” Julie said.

“You can test email subject lines, you can test things on Facebook.”

How does that work in practice?

“You can create two versions of an ad and change the copy or the image, and you can see really quickly which version is delivering a much better result and then you can switch the budget to the one working best,” Julie said.

“You’re constantly refining and adding until you get to an optimum point.”

“You learn so much, in terms of how you approach - and you have to learn so much. If I did what I did four years ago now, forget it.”

And Julie’s biggest piece of advice to small businesses online?

“You’ve got to start using video, because in the next few years all ads will be video,” Julie said.

“So get on board the bus now!”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris, Julie Mathers and Facebook's Alexandra Sloane on The Mentor podcast here.