Using Social Media Data: Flora and Fauna

Julie Mathers from Flora and Fauna talks about using data to influence their content and marketing strategy.

22 October 2018

Flora and Fauna launched in 2014 as an online retailer in the eco-friendly product space.

It’s since grown to become Australia’s largest, and boasts 150,000 Facebook fans and and 50,000 Instagram fans.

Julie joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast to talk about the way she analyses their online data to influence their business plan.

“We don’t have a data scientist, but it’s in everyone’s roles - everyone has to understand the data,” Julie said.

“And having that analytical capability is really important throughout your business.”

As the head of an online retailer, Julie says knowing the ins and outs of their data is crucial when it comes to buying stock and keeping track of inventory.

“Particularly when you get to our size and you’re so focussed on cash all the time - you should not overbuy and you’re thinking about it all the time,” Julie said.

“And what you don’t want is to have amazing sales in December and buy heaps of stock and then January it dies a death and you can’t pay your bills.”

The marketing element is vitally important, to know what is trending and where to focus their content.

“We look at this stuff all the time from a data perspective, both from a functioning as a business perspective but also what marketing is working,” Julie said.

“I’m at a point that I know before I even post something, what will work and what won’t!”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris, Julie Mathers and Facebook's Alexandra Sloane on The Mentor podcast here.