Being a Facebook Baby: Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna founder Julie Mathers joined The Mentor to talk about using social media to build her brand.

22 October 2018

Facebook and Instagram are valuable marketing assets for any small business, and they can be particularly useful when it comes to building brands around shared values.

Julie Mathers, founder of eco-friendly online retailer Flora and Fauna, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, to talk about how she built her business.

“The first thing we did - we set up a Facebook page and I can remember announcing it to my friends and family, and our community that we had launched,” Julie said.

“And that was four years ago and things have changed so much, but I just started creating ads and boosting posts.”

“I did it myself, just playing around with it, for $20 a day. And when you’re small it’s easy because the risk is so much less.”

Julie notes how quickly content and digital marketing have changed and evolved, but are all useful cogs in her marketing eco-system.

“Initially we focussed very much on Facebook and not so much Instagram, but that was four years ago and times have changed,” Julie said.

“And from then on, Facebook has been our primary driver.”

“We are very much a business that has grown on the back of being a Facebook and social community. We’re a Facebook baby!” she joked.

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris, Julie Mathers and Facebook's Alexandra Sloane on The Mentor podcast here.