Adding Facebook and Instagram to Marketing Strategies

Facebook’s Australian marketing boss Alexandra Sloane discusses how small businesses should use social media in their broader marketing strategy.

22 October 2018

This week on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, Mark was joined by Alexandra Sloane, Head of Marketing ANZ for Facebook.

The podcast focussed on the ways small business owners can use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to leverage their brands and tell their stories.

“I truly believe that technology is an equaliser, and more so than ever before, we’ve kind of levelled the playing field with these digital platforms,” Alexandra said.

“Regardless of your business size, whether you’re day one or year three, or in a regional centre or a city, you can do it at little to no cost, so [the first thing I’d do is] I’d set up a Facebook page and an Instagram profile.

Alexandra also shared the tools Facebook has curated to help business owners create their own content, including Facebook Mobile Studio and the Facebook Business tools.

But importantly, Alexandra said that the key thing for business owners to think about is how social media fits in with broader marketing objectives.

“Every small business has a business strategy, and every marketing strategy should be in service of that,” Alexandra said.

“So really understand what your brand is all about - think of social platforms offering an opportunity to deliver a more personal narrative.”

“Whether that’s through personal narratives that are a little more real time, through to Facebook and advertising if you want to promote a product or drive traffic to your website.”

Listen to the full conversation between Mark Bouris and Alexandra Sloane on The Mentor podcast here.