How to make the most of downtime in business: Bench On

Tim Walmsley from Bench On joins Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast.

12 October 2018

Every business owner, no matter what industry they’re in, experiences peaks and troughs.

There are times when it’s super busy and times when its not.

Tim Walmsley, founder of Bench On, joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast to talk about how his company helps smooth the downtime.

“For example defence could be really busy but mining decreases, and then the opposite takes place,” Tim said.

“Do you see employees shift across entire industries? Or do you smooth it out so the next trough isn’t as bad?”

Tim says the desire is to always keep staff employed with the business instead of having to let them go.

“You smooth it to have more cashflow and then they can keep their employees that you’ve invested so much training and mentoring into these people, so get the return and don’t just cut it away,” he said.

Listen to the full conversation between Tim Walmsley and Mark on The Mentor podcast here.