Protecting IP with short-term contracts

Tim Walmsley from Bench On explains the process on The Mentor podcast.

12 October 2018

Bench On founder Tim Walmsley joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to explain how his business works to connect under-utilised staff from one company with short-term contracts with another.

It allows companies to keep their staff during down times or in between contracts, while helping other businesses fill a gap in their workforce for qualified professionals.

But how does Bench On work to protect the businesses involved?

“Every company that signs up to Bench On signs our non-disclosure agreement - which means any information you give to us like employee resumes or rates is held securely in Bench On,” Tim said.

“And we’ll only release that to the other party if they have been matched together and once it’s been approved.”

As is to be expected from big business, there is also a lot of valuable intellectual property at stake.

The requesting company might often ask - how can I protect my intellectual property and not take my IP back to their employee and get reassigned to a competitor?

“We work with companies in those situations to make sure that they’ve got the best protection,” Tim said.

“We don’t get involved with the actual subcontract but we advise the companies that if it is on a project with critical IP, they put in additional layers of project-specific non-disclosure agreements.”

Listen to the full conversation between Tim Walmsley and Mark on The Mentor podcast here.