Use your business partners’ capital: Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris gives this advice to Nimble Activewear on The Mentor podcast

05 October 2018

To finish this week’s episode of The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, Nimble Activewear co-founder Vera Yan put a question to Mark:

If you could go back to you at a similar stage to us - you’ve got some traction but you’ve got long journey ahead - what advice would you go back and give yourself?

Mark’s response was very clear: bring on a business partner.

“If I was to go back to the early Wizard days, when I was at your current state, I was on my own and didn’t have a partner,” he said.

“I see you two [Vera and co-founder Katia Santilli] as one - I don’t see you guys as a partnership, so I think the best thing I did was take on a big relevant partner into my business.”

“A lot of people said to me I was giving away 50% of my business and that I should ride the wave and own 100% of it - but the problem with that is it would take much longer.”

“And time becomes of the essence. So what worked for me was to bring on a partner and get there quicker with that partner’s capital, and not only the financial capital but also their intellectual capital to build the brand.”

Listen to the full conversation between Nimble Activewear and Mark on The Mentor podcast here.