From ‘Pink It and Shrink It’ to now: Nimble Activewear

Hear from Vera Yan and Katia Santilli on The Mentor podcast

05 October 2018

One of the reasons Vera Yan and Katia Santilli started their Nimble Activewear business was to add an element of fashion into the activewear market.

Joining The Mentor with Mark Bouris, the Nimble co-founders talk about the problems they saw with the activewear market when they joined five years ago.

“When we first started, the market was very dominated - there was a lot of Lululemon in the market and they have fabulous products and they perform really well,” Katia said.

“And then you had Nike and Adidas, and they’re very masculine and very traditional tech and activewear.”

“They had this terminology, ‘pink it and shrink it’ - which is taking the menswear product, add some pink on it and shrink it and turn it to womenswear.”

The problem with that - is that there’s no element of fashion in the product range.

“So there was this missing piece of the fashion aesthetic in activewear that still actually performed,” Katia said.

“And we would wear what are our competitors now, and they had great products but they were missing this fashion aesthetic to them so we thought there had to be a way of using both pieces together.”

Listen to the full conversation between Nimble Activewear and Mark on The Mentor podcast here.