Blurring fashion and function: Nimble Activewear

Hear from the Nimble co-founders talking about the growth of activewear around the world

05 October 2018

What is it about activewear that makes people so interested in wearing it?

According to Vera Yan and Katia Santilli from Nimble Activewear, the answer is simple: it’s visual.

“Women want to look good whether they’re working out, or wearing it to go to brunch, or doing the shopping; they want to look good in what they’re wearing and to feel good,” Katia said.

Is it the actual feeling of the clothes on the body, or that you feel that you look good?

“It’s all of it!” Vera added.

“You want it to feel good that you don’t have a big muffin top, and everyone in Australis, people are wearing their activewear not just confined to the gym”

“There’s a real blurring of what is fashion and what is function, and women don’t just want the black and the ‘pink it and shrink it’, they want what happening in the broader world of fashion to come through their activewear and update their prints.”

Listen to the full conversation between Nimble Activewear and Mark on The Mentor podcast here.