Turning Waste into Fabric: Nimble Activewear

Hear how Nimble Activewear is saving tonnes of plastic bottles and turning them into clothing

05 October 2018

With so many competitors currently in the activewear space, Katia Santilli and Vera Yan knew their business Nimble Activewear would have to stand out.

On The Mentor with Mark Bouris podcast, Vera and Katia joined Mark to talk about their company’s trademarked recycled fabric, made in Taiwan.

“When we were in Taipei last year I grabbed an apple from breakfast and we were walking the streets,” Katia said.

“And there were no garbage bins on the streets - and I asked later and they said everyone takes ownership of their rubbish.”

“So if you have an apple core scrap, you put that in the compost pile, and they have no general waste.”

So the idea to create a product that saves on so much of ‘fast fashion’ waste was born.

“So with our mill we developed our CompressLite fabric, using post-consumer use recycled bottles which are cleaned and sorted and then it’s melted down into a polyster yarn,” Katia said.

“And then it’s knitted up with our elastane which becomes our fabric, and this year we’re on track to save a quarter of a million bottles from landfill.”

Listen to the full conversation between Nimble Activewear and Mark on The Mentor podcast here.