Making Biotech your Business: Life Cykel

Life Cykel co-founder Julian Mitchell joined Mark Bouris on The Mentor podcast to talk about his biotechnology business.

27 September 2018

Julian Mitchell joined The Mentor with Mark Bouris to talk about his biotechnology business, Life Cykel, which is transforming communities by growing and creating products out of mushrooms.

Life Cykel started in 2015, tapping into the newest health food phase around the world: medicinal mushrooms.

“Mushrooms ticked all the boxes - they’re healthy, a protein supplement, you can grow them in urban and remote areas,” Julian said.

“And we knew it was an unventured area that we could get into that had scalable ideas around technology too.”

It was inspiration from other biotechnology breakthroughs that helped start the Life Cykel journey.

“We saw the revolution around medicinal marijuana and hemp, and that unfolding about three years ago,” Julian said.

“And we listened to Peter Thiel “Zero to One”, about wanting to be first or second in business, or don’t bother - so we needed to be a leader and grab the space early.”

“And we knew that medicinal mushrooms was very new and novel and there was nobody dominating that space, and it fit with our personal ethos.”

“Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, paleo; mushrooms are a unification and people agree that mushrooms are good.”

Listen to Julian's full conversation with Mark on The Mentor podcast here.